Winning Sports Picks- Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Winning Sports Picks- Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Helping You Win More

Our goal is simple: Help you win more by giving you the best possible sports picks run by the most advanced sports data artificial intelligence platform that exists.

Through our proprietary artificial intelligence engine, aggregates all the data from expert sports picks websites, sportsbooks, top handicappers, and data streams from around the world to deliver you winning sports picks every day. Our machine learning algorithms predict the best possible outcomes for each game.

Each day, experts and quants release picks that may have slight advantages over sportsbooks. We compile all these picks, and deliver the best results directly to you!

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Better data. Smarter picks. Bigger wins.

System Features

It’s too difficult and expensive to get access and subscribe to every expert sports picks website and all the sports data that exists.’s data-driven artificial intelligence platform takes all the daily pick data and gives you the most accurate consolidated results. Think of us like the Kayak for sports picks… but smarter.  

advanced algorithm models driven by big data

We take data models and systems from experts and layer our artificial intelligence engine on top, giving you the best results.

aggregated picks from proven experts

Our data not only comes from raw data streams, but from the top experts who have winning systems and proven records.

Thousands and thousands of data streams

Our system runs data sets on a millisecond basis to ensure every pick and piece of information is delivered instantly.

proprietary artifical intelligence

Picks built on data, analytics and thousands of different mathematical algorithms through artificial intelligence.

The Kayak of sports picks, but smarter.

How It Works

1. choose A package

Select what specific package works best for you. We have Weekly Packages, Monthly Packages and Yearly Packages. Each coming at a discounted rate based on duration.

2. Receive your Picks Daily

Picks are delivered via email on a daily basis and depending on your package. Each subscription renews until otherwise cancelled, but we know you won’t want to cancel!

3. Win your picks

Select the games and sports you want and then start seeing the results of our advanced system!

Better data, smarter picks, bigger wins.